I won’t go

I won’t sleep

I can’t breathe

Until you’re resting here with me

-Dido (Here With Me)


Bart & Lily Head Canon (courtesy of Bobby’s twitter x x) | Bart was really protecting Lily and Chuck from a business enemy, while also having doubts of how much Blair truly loved his son. When Chuck finds out, he helps his father defeat his enemy with Blair’s help and after, father and son run Bass Industries together. Bart then realizes how much Blair truly does love his son and he gives them his blessing while maintaining a snarky relationship with his daughter -in-law.

Though they work together and have a more functional relationship, Bart still only crack’s a smile for Lily, the woman he does truly love. They are a gorgeous UES power who enjoy the “perks of being really rich” and attend lavish company dinners with Chuck and Blair.  However, when his grandchildren arrive, Henry and Madeline, they melt his heart completely making him a doting and loving grandfather.   


Get to know: Ed Westwick (insp)

Why wait for someone to ask you when you want to answer these questions yourself!

  • The first character I fell in love with: Chuck Bass.
  • The character who is my ‘baby’: Chuck Bass.
  • The character who I do not understand: tbh, i understood them all, I just didn’t want to have to do the work to think it out.
  • The character that I think the show ruined: Which character didn’t get assassinated (everyone but Eleanor)
  • The most attractive character: Chuck Bass.
  • The character death that was the worst for me: Bart Bass (both times, for completely different reasons)
  • The character that is the most like me: Well I’m an asshole, so probably all of them and none of them.
  • The character I think the writer(s) love: I think they loved both Dave and Chuck. Those two characters literally “had it all” in the end. 
  • The character that I just want to be happy: Chuck Bass. 
  • My four favorite characters, past or present: Chuck, Nate, Eleanor and Bart. 
  • My four least favorite characters, past or present: Both Humphreys, Vanessa and Georgina. And to copy Isa, most of the guest stars with a few exceptions. 


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